„…the nature of death and illumination in all its destructive glory…“


Transcending the rigid boundaries of established metal genres, the music of Škan creates an esoteric atmosphere that lays bare the nature of death and illumination in all its destructive glory. Škan's aggressive and haunting forces embrace the blackest of eternal flames and seek to unchain the very bonds of existence.

Škan was birthed November 2 of 2013 in the realms of Texas. Škan's self released an EP, entitled „The Old King”, on the 11th of November 2013, which quickly gained a loyal following and praise from many supporters across the world who appreciated the uncompromising sound and vision. Featuring in many online press reviews the EP was well received with standout tracks like “The Eye“ that lead to Škan's live assaults, proving Škan as a formidable entity among long standing metal titans. In the months that followed Škan unleashed it's ritualistic live shows alongside international acts like Danzig, Voivod, Portal, Moonspell Saturnalia Temple, Cult of Fire, and many more in the U.S. as well as the U.K.

In 2015 Ron Van Herpen (ZooN / Astrosoniq / The Devil’s Blood) and Rob Zim (The Lords of Altamont) entered Škan, soon after which EP I and II of a four EP set were released by Ván Records as a limited edition series which is to be followed up by the release of EP’s III and IV, as well as a full length debut album.

• The Wolves of Škan are:

Joseph Merino; Guitars, Vocals
Ron Van Herpen; Guitars
Rob Zim; Bass
David Baxter; Drums, Percussions


Part I / IV EP Series

Part I / IV EP Series

Year: 2016, Cat.No. van181a
Part II / IV EP Series

Part II / IV EP Series

Year: 2016, Cat.No. van181b
Part I of IV
Part II of IV