Scouts On The Borderline Between The Physical And Spiritual World


You literally had to expect something extraordinary as well as impressive from this band from Salzburg/Austria and even people who are not in the know (yet) should quickly rejoice in this exalted showcase of musical extremes. OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US sits comfortably between the chairs and creates a mood that other bands often lack completely. ‘Intense Spiritual Music’ is the label that was chosen by the members themselves, and rage, sadness, bitterness, suffering and hate are only a part of the emotions that are processed and channelled here. “Scouts On The Borderline…”, the band’s third album, was mixed and mastered by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress) and features guest vocals of Kvohst (Grave Pleasures), Steindor Andersen (known for his collaborations with Sigur Rós) and Florian Hucek (Obscure Anachronism).


  1. Tunes of judgement
  2. Let my people go
  3. We are children of the dawn
  4. The bloody path
  5. The montains of my home
  6. My sons and daughters
  7. A sacred heart
  8. The manifesto


History since 1999:

Only a few will remember the band’s first steps in the late 90s-era when guitarist and vocalist Mucho Kolb (ex-Soulsearch/My Midnight Sun) founded Our Survival Depends On Us together with drummer Mani Eibner in Salzburg. Years of rehearsals followed until two more Soulsearch members found a new home after their breaking-off: Thom Kinberger (guitar/vocals) and Hajot Gmeilbauer (samples/soundscapes) joined OSDOU and the band got completed with bassist Barth Resch (ex-Belphegor). After more than 15 years, three records and several live rituals drummer Mani decided to go separate ways and was replaced by Thomas Apfelthaler in late 2014.

From Post Rock to Sludge Metal:

There are tons of bands on this globe that are easier to describe than OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US. Intense Spiritual Music is the label that was chosen by OSDOU themselves. The band breaks out of musically pigeonholing and instead combines the best aspects of the single genres to create an own sound: Mantra- and tribal-like drumming lays the foundation for hypnotically soundscapes created by two 7-strings, accentuated with pitched-black sound samples from the keys and finally hammered through the auditory canals by the pulsating bass. The conjuring and mourning vocals of three singers guides you through the darkest abysses, the world of OSDOU. A seamless change between acoustic lightness and mighty slow motioned guitar walls evokes emotions of rage, sadness, bitterness, affiliation, love and more.

Musical milestones:

2000: First demo of OSDOU: „Breathe“
2005: Release of the debut LP „Jumping once too often into the ocean that has always been our inspiration“ (mjuorg records, Ltd. 500 vinyl)
2007: CD release of „Jumping once too often…“ by Womb of Narcotics Records
2008: Video clip „Breathe“, directed by Martin Dimitz (Womb of narcotics)
2009: “I will not obey” 7inch split with Der Blutharsch (WKN Records)
2009: Release of the second LP „Painful stories told with a passion for life“ on CD by Psychedoomelic Records
2010: Gatefold vinyl release of „Painful stories told with a passion for life“ by Totem Records
2009: Soundtrack compilation at „Mr.Self-destruct“ Indie-Movie by Black Lava Entertainment with the OSDOU song „Angelranger“.
2011: Video clip „Angel Ranger”, directed by Walter Fanninger and Martin Leitgeb (Womb of Narcotics Records)
2013: Video clip of “A Sacred Heart” by Walter Fanninger
2013: Live Video „Funkenflug 2012“ Solstice Ritual XII by Marthyn Soder & Walter Fanninger
2014: Recording of the third LP “Scouts on the Borderline Between the Physical and Spiritual World”
2014: Video documentary of the recording sessions “We are children born in night”
2015: Video clip “Let my People go” by Walter Fanninger
2015: OSDOU sign with the VAN Family


Scouts On The Borderline Between The Physical And Spiritual World

Scouts On The Borderline Between The Physical And Spiritual World

(CD, Vinyl)
Year: 2015, Cat.No. van162
Scouts on the Borderline Between the Physical and Spiritual World