Faal is established in 2005 at the south of the Netherlands. The band's music is mainly doom-metal oriented with touches of black-metal and post-rock.
Their first album „Abhorrence-Salvation“ was released in 2008 at Ván Records. This album received many good reviews, which resulted in a sold out first printing.
Beside their recordings, they've also build up a good live reputation and shared stages with among others: Ataraxie, Isole, Forgotten Tomb, The Ocean, October Tide and Mourning Beloveth.
In 2011 Faal went back to the studio to record their second full-length called „The clouds are burning“,
which is finished at this moment and ready to be unleashed…


The Clouds are Burning

The Clouds are Burning

(CD, Vinyl)
Year: 2012, Cat.No. van064
Abhorrence - Salvation

Abhorrence - Salvation

Year: 2008, Cat.No. van020
The Clouds are Burning