All Hell´s Martyrs


A year's worth of riffs and crusty catharsis has been distilled into the ten track debut full length album from Dublin's DREAD SOVEREIGN. Picking up what was started with the 12“ „Pray To The Devil In Man“, released in 2013, „All Hell's Martyrs“ solidifies the old school and gloomy intent of the musical troika. Recorded and mixed at Sun Studios, Dublin in just seven intense days, the raw power and heft of DREAD SOVEREIGN's creativity is as oppressive as it is head-bang-inducing. Taking their cues from the likes of Venom, Pentagram and Manilla Road, DREAD SOVEREIGN have created a record that may look backwards for influences but is carving a niche in the modern music scene.

Vocalist and bass player, Nemtheanga commented: “Things come together fast on the surface but the Dread Sovereign album has been dwelling in my subconscious for years, playing riffs to myself over the years. It's only in the last 15 months that I've put flesh on the bones with a proper band and here we are with an album ready for Ván records to release. The aspirations are difficult to explain as it's been a form of catharsis to finally get the demons out after all this time but here it is; some gnarled and evil old school doom/metal – a few surprises and different elements here and there – but nothing more and nothing less“


  1. Drink The Wine
  2. Thirteen Clergy To The Flames
  3. Cthulu Opiate Haze
  4. The Devil's Venom
  5. Pray To The Devil In Man
  6. Scourging Iron
  7. The Great Beast Speaks
  8. We Wield The Spear Of Longinus
  9. Cathars To Their Doom
  10. Live Through Martyrs – Transmission From The Devil Star


Nemtheanga (vocals & bass)
Dubh Sol (drums)
Bones (guitar)


DREAD SOVEREIGN are a Dublin-based trio who specialise in true, evil doom.

DREAD SOVEREIGN is Nemtheanga (vocals & bass), Dubh Sol (drums) and Bones (guitar); a triumvirate of old school attitude and arcane spirituality. Although retaining the rugged, epic drama of Primordial (in which Nemtheanga and Dubh Sol both perform), DREAD SOVEREIGN are distinctly different; blending influences of Venom, Saint Vitus and Cirith Ungol in the raw underground cult doom idiom.

Recording their debut EP „Pray To The Devil In Man“ took less than twelve hours, and captures the visceral intensity of the experience. The three track 12” was released by Roadburn Records in April to coincide with the band’s live debut at Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands. A re-release of this 12” via Ván Records paved the way for their first album.

Having already packed a lot into their short time together as a band, DREAD SOVEREIGN are now preparing for the release of their debut full length, „All Hell’s Martyrs“, which will be released via Ván Records in March 2014.


All Hell´s Martyrs

All Hell´s Martyrs

(CD, Vinyl)
Year: 2014, Cat.No. van104
Pray to the Devil in Man

Pray to the Devil in Man

(CD, Vinyl)
Year: 2013, Cat.No. van102
For Doom the Bell Tolls

For Doom the Bell Tolls

(CD, Vinyl)
Year: 2017, Cat.No. van209
For Doom the Bell Tolls
All Hell´s Martyrs
Cthulhu Opiate Haze